Divorce and Paternity

Going through divorce is often a difficult time in your life. You need an attorney who will take the time to not only help you define what is important to you but also to adopt a tone and style of communicating with the other side that is appropriate to your case. Divorce cases often present difficult child visitation and parental rights decisions, complex financial issues, and at times a combination of both. The key to resolving any contested issue in a divorce case is a detailed knowledge of all facts regarding
issues presented including but not limited to the best interests of the children, spousal support, division of marital property, and retirement. Once all parties have an appreciation of the facts, it is almost always easier to come to a resolution that is equitable and appropriate.

Divorce marks the end of one part of your life and the beginning of the next. The decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. It is important that you have a lawyer who understands the importance of these decisions. Over the years I have advised clients on every aspect of divorce.

  • Child custody proceedings
  • Child support payments
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Military law and divorce
  • Property division and valuation
  • Paternity issues involving non-married parties
  • Domestic violence
  • Decree modifications

Maine is a no-fault divorce state. This means that there will never be a contest over the right to get a divorce. If you call my office, you will get to speak with me within a few hours of any phone call. I am available in the office between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm and available on weekends if necessary. If the parties cannot reach a satisfactory and just resolution of the issues, and litigation is required, I have 40 years of litigation experience including divorce and custody proceedings.

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