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 "A good attorney is the product of wise judgment or substantial experience; a great attorney is the sum total of both. Very nearly a legendary figure in southern Maine, Feldman's influence is everywhere- much to the relief of the innocent, the traumatized or simply those who have seen his work. He has not always told me what I wanted to hear, but his advice (which often seemed counter intuitive at the moment it was given) has always been spot-on. A crafty and conscientious sort, his true specialty is bringing justice to his clients while moderating their understandable impatience, impulsiveness or lack of legal acumen. In other words, I'm glad I found him. Give him a try should you find yourself in trouble, and, above all, don't ever "go it alone."

-Douglas Antreassian
Brunswick, Maine 

Mike was a great help....


" Mike was a great help to me, professional, and extremely versed in the factors that might affect my case. "

I wish I had gone to Mike in the beginning.....


" I went through a divorce in 2002 and lost most everything. The lawyer that I had hired then was ineffective to say the least.  After losing all my military retirement to my ex a few years ago.  Everyone that I had talked to had told me that it was to late to do anything about it and that I would just have to live with it  I hired Mike through another Lawyer's referral and expected the same old story.  That's not what I got though.  After a few rounds in court I now have half my military retirement back and as of 2020 I will no longer have spousal support to pay which was given to her for life.  I have been in the court system fighting since 2002 and things usually got worse and the cost was extraordinary, I wish that I had gone to Mike in the beginning and had him fighting for me.  Things would have been a lot different. " Thanks again, Mike and the girls. "

Amazing Attorney

Amazing attorney

Posted by Julie
November 29, 2016

I hired Atty. Feldman several months ago when I decided to divorce my husband. I had previously used another local attorney for a protection from abuse order and my instinct told me I needed to look further for a very smart, tough attorney. I knew I would be in for a very difficult fight. I knew almost instantly during our first meeting that Michael was the right attorney.  The subsequent legal battle was just as bad as I had predicted, but Michael handled every single aspect with professionalism, knowledge and compassion. Two months into the divorce, my legal troubles were compounded by a lawsuit that I was wrongfully named in. He has expertly worked through this situation, as well.  Atty. Feldman is truly impressive as a litigator. His abilities in court, in mediation and in taking depositions are exactly what a client wants. I have never left a court date disappointed. After my first court date, I knew I was in very capable hands. He is quick to notice any tiny detail and his cross examination skills are dazzling, to say the least. I have never been involved in any legal proceedings before this very tumultuous period with two very stressful cases going on simultaneously. I cannot say enough about Michael Feldman as an attorney. Really, he is amazing, as is his office staff.

Excellent Work!

Dear  Attorney Feldman,

I want to thank you for the excellent work you did as my attorney. Your tireless efforts, knowledge and determination ensured the best possible outcome and I will always be grateful. 



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Man suing police awarded $125,000

By Trevor MaxwellSeptember 3, 2010

PORTLAND – Concluding a three-day civil trial in federal court, a jury awarded $125,000 to a Massachusetts man Thursday night for injuries he suffered during a scuffle with two police officers in Wells.

Jurors in U.S. District Court decided that Ogunquit police officer Matthew Buttrick and former Wells police officer Jacob Titcomb were negligent under Maine law and are liable for the incident on May 26, 2007, involving Michael Fortin.

But in a two-part verdict, the jury also found that the officers did not use excessive force against Fortin, as spelled out by federal law, and they declined to award punitive damages.

The complex verdict, delivered after about seven hours of deliberations, left both sides claiming victory Thursday night.

“We feel that he was vindicated,” said Michael Feldman, who represented Fortin along with lawyer Michael Turndorf. “Mr. Fortin was believed, and was awarded very substantial damages.”

Ed Benjamin and Doug Louison, the lawyers who represented Buttrick and Titcomb, respectively, said they were gratified that the jury found the officers did not use excessive force.

They said they will appeal the $125,000 award because state law puts a $10,000 cap on awards against individual law enforcement officers who are held liable on negligence claims.

“We’ll be filing motions to further reduce the amount under the statutory cap,” Benjamin said. “Obviously we’re disappointed that the jury even found negligence in this case.”

Michael Fortin lived in Kittery and was dating Jill King of Wells when the confrontation with police happened in the spring of 2007. The officers arrived at King’s home to investigate reports of a possible domestic assault against her by Fortin.

Fortin claimed in his lawsuit that the officers entered the apartment, restrained him by both arms and kicked him in the left knee, rupturing three of the four ligaments and making it impossible for him to return to work as a carpenter.

He sought compensation for more than $100,000 in medical bills, loss of future earnings and punitive damages.

Buttrick and Titcomb denied ever kicking Fortin. They said Fortin was drunk and they wrestled him to the ground after he got aggressive and bumped his chest into Buttrick. The attorneys for the officers said the lawsuit filed by Fortin last year was all about a down-on-his-luck man looking for a payday.

“The issue is obviously credibility in this case, because somebody’s lying,” Benjamin told the jury during closing arguments earlier on Thursday.

He said that within minutes of sustaining the knee injury, Fortin was asking for badge numbers and was planning to sue the police.

In his closing argument on Thursday, Feldman vehemently denied the accusations that his client fabricated any part of his story. Fortin only wanted fair compensation for an incident in which the police abused their power, Feldman said.